Edelstein Edelsteine

Since 1997, Edelstein Edelsteine has been producing one-of-a-kind silver and gold jewelry on a limited commission basis. I have been metalsmithing since 1986, and have combined Asian and Hebraic influences with my traditional training to come up with what I hope is a uniquely beautiful style.

In addition to metal work, I also do small sculpture and Chinese signet-seal engraving. I began carving seals in 1985 in Shandong, China and hold reverent the 4000 year old traditions and rules that govern the art.

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Edelstein Metalsmiths

In December of 2007, I launched a retail version of my jewelry web site to sell semi-mass-produced copies of both new and old designs. Enough people had asked for reproductions of certain items that setting up an easier way to share my work was justifiable; it also seemed that earning a living through my art wasn't such a bad idea.

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