GroundWaves Internet Radio

GroundWaves was established so that musicians who might not otherwise receive radio airplay (such as unsigned bands or signed acts that are neglected by the media) have a forum through which they might be heard by a national or even global audience; and to provide listeners with a diverse and unique alternative to mainstream radio. Any bands or solo artists of any genre from anywhere in the world that can not regularly be heard on the radio in their respective markets are welcomed and encouraged to submit copies of their music to GroundWaves to be played on the wire. GroundWaves is a commercial-free no-format internet radio station in the spirit of college and pirate radio, only more obscure by design. GroundWaves has no playlists, no channels, and no favorites. If an artist has a recording, an artist can be broadcast on GroundWaves.

NOTICE: GroundWaves Radio is offline for the time being for financial and identity crisis reasons; please visit the link below for more information.

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